24 Jan

I think it has to do with the sub-conscious.

I usually wake up at 6 plus for my morning prayer and Alhamdulilah so far, i have been able to wake up with the help of my alarm, despite the late nights i stay up doing unnecessary things.

Yesterday however, i slept a little earlier than usual BUT i didnt wake up when my alarm rang at 8am. I was supposed to be somewhere at 9am. My mum barged into my room at 9.30 and asked me, i thought you have work? I screamed and jumped out of bed!

This is not the first time, though. Haha…it happens one in a blue moon. I didn’t hear my alarm at all, was i that tired? I wonder of what.

My mum felt so guilty, even though it is not her fault. I’m not like another person in my house, who will blame my mum for not waking him/her up if he/she overslept. It is one’s responsibility.


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