Naluri manusia

31 Jan

I am always a very cautious person, so afraid to let my thoughts out. Secretive to the extent of extreme. Mainly the reason why i swopped to wordpress because of the private post/ password protection option. I know hacking is easy for some but if they read my private thoughts, what can i say?

Everyone needs an avenue for their private thoughts or they just coop it up within themselves and add on to their worries and problems. This ‘worries’ hill will become a volcanic mountain one day and need i say more of what will happen then?

I have always kept a diary, since a long time ago because i wanted to be able to read it when my past slowly become a blur to me; with the passing years. Like i recalled something which happened and i wanted to verify the truth in the thought but couldnt find an entry about it in dear old diary. I guess it is fated to be that way. We wonder sometime, is it really worth it? Keeping a diary, do we really have time to read it?

Now, i would like to go on to some of my private thoughts…so ciao!


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