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the feeling hasnt gone yet

28 Feb

I just read the Today’s paper and it featured Budapest. As my eyes excitedly scanned the whole article, a wave of familiarity passed me.

Goosebumps spread all over me as i reflect back on my travelling experiences. Despite being alone, it was most memorable. Fortunately, i wasn’t alone in the huge cities- London and Paris, had wonderful friends to be my guide. Honestly though, i wouldn’t want to travel alone anymore, it gets lonely BUT that made me more inclined to strike conversation with random strangers or fellow travellers throughout my journey. The trials, the sights, the mountains, the snow, the locals, the other travellers, the self-discovery, the history, the languages…each trip was special in its own way. I loved Bosnia the most, the beautiful in my eyes. Don’t trust me too much because i’m biased towards Bosnia, even before stepping foot on Bosnian land.

My train ride before reaching Bosnian turf, was amazing! Met a couple of travellers from Hongkong and Canada. I should tell you how i talked to them in the first place( i will save it for another time). The night i arrived in Sarajevo, Bosnia, it was cold and quiet. A Bosnian lady offered to bring me to my hostel and i agreed without any coaxing, the lethargy from a 12 hour train ride wore off my defenses and senses.

I followed her on a tram without paying, i learnt from my mistake of not paying in Bratislava. But in this case, i didnt have any choice as I just came from Hungary and only had Forints and Euros which they accept neither. It was 9.30pm, which means no banks are open for exchange.

So this cute lady said,” No worry, i see, i see. If check we go down.”

Which means she will look out for the bus inspector for me. A smile slowly crept to her face as she added,” later give me little bit ( action for money).

I noded my head, too tired to think. Being alone for long, I conveniently let my guard down, placed my trust in her. (and Allah of course)

After alighting, she brought me on a short walk, alas arriving in front of a building in a back alleyway. She waited patiently as i fished into my oversized coin purse to place most of what was left of my Euro coins  into her waiting hand, as a sign of gratitude. We bid our goodbyes and i was alone again.

The hostel has a security camera and i had to speak like an idiot into it. After gaining access into the building, i climbed 10 flight of stairs to the top floor. Greeted pleasantly by A, the owner of the hostel then invited me into a comfortable living room. I was escorted to my room by A as he made conversation with me…” so you booked a 10 bed mixed dormAND that caught me by surprise as i almost always book female dorms. He was kidding of course but i was so blur after a long journey, i almost believed him.

Imagine not bathing for 3 days, im excluding the NS guys here. Heavenly bath! I asked thousand and one questions about getting around and food etc. Maybe i had more because he was cute 🙂  

I shared the room with 3 young Serbian journalists who treated me like I was their long lost friend. We had fruit tea and turned in soon after.


Loud noises woke me from my restful sleep as the Serbian girls were packing and leaving that day. I sat up on the upper deck, casually gazed out of the window. I didnt know what i was seeing! There were some white substance on the roofs of nearby buildings. Slowly, my mind registered the answer- it was snow. Since when did it snow in Bosnia? I didnt know it snowed there. I went to the washroom and the view from the window was magnificent; snow on mountains!!! Goosebumps spread all over my body as i watched in awe at God’s beautiful creation.



Protected: Target to be met!

28 Feb

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Protected: I think this can be effective

28 Feb

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short circuit

23 Feb

Just feel that i have enough of everything.

On another note;as i entered my house at night, felt around for the light switch near the door and turned it on. Went all the way to my room to put my stuff, kind of normally what i do upon reaching home.

Not wanting to waste more electricity by keeping the light on for no reason, i walked to the switch by the door and leisurely switched it off. “Thump” a very soft but weird unexpected sound and my brain was slow to process what i saw to be fire at the back of the switch. It was weird really. I didnt know what to do, as I am afraid of the dark. A weakling, i know- afraid of so many things.

I feel like my old self again and i refuse to continue the story. Just dont feel like…

Fruitful sharing

22 Feb

Got this from one of the many blogs i follow, i think due to me keponess. Haha Singaporeans very kepo by nature…perhaps human nature.


1. The most truthful of discourses is the Book of Allah.

2. The most trustworthy word is Taqwa (fear of God).

3. The best of the communities is the Community of Prophet Abraham (Allah’s peace be upon him).

4. The best way of life is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s peace be upon him).

5. Remembrance of Allah is the most glorious of all things.

6. The best of all narrations is the Qur’an.

7. The best acts are those requiring the highest degree of will and determination.

8. The worst acts are those based on innovation.

9. The best way of life is the one adopted by the Prophets of Allah.

10. The most glorious death is the death of the martyr.

11. The most wretched blindness consists in going astray after finding the Right Way.

12. The best of acts is the one that yields benefit.

13. The best guidance is that which the people may be able to follow.

14. The worst blindness is the blindness of the heart.

15. The upper hand (giving) is better than the lower one (receiving).

16. The less which can meet one’s needs is better than the more which can cause neglectfulness.

17. The worst excuse is that which is offered at the point of death.

18. The worst remorse is the remorse of the Day of Judgment.

19. Some people come for the Friday Prayer but their hearts are held up behind.

20. And they are able to remember Allah but little.

21. The sin of the lying tongue is the gravest of all sins.

( A reminder to myself before i remind anyone else) Lying is an action many view lightly.

Just now, a conversation between 2 individuals about cheating not lying but related nonetheless:

A: Just now i went to Vivo with my friends to meet another friend who is working in the Starbucks there.

B: Ohh and then?

A: He told us to sit down first while he served other customers. After sometime, he came to ask us what we wanted and few minutes later brought out orders.

B: (Almost imediately assumed it was not paid for) It is not halal! ( unless of course if the employee of Starbucks pays for his friends’ drinks)

A: Never mind what. (in a nonchalant way)

It does not bother A that you will be questioned on the day of Judgement of what you consume; one of the many questions. We are held responsible for our actions. It is the littlest things we overlook in life.

22. Real richness is the richness of the heart.

23. The best provision is the provision of Taqva (fear of God).

24. The best of all wisdom and knowledge is the fear of Allah Almighty.

25. Faith is the best thing to be cultivated and entrenched in the heart. 🙂

Follow you heart…

17 Feb

…for you will be blissful!

I might achieve what i wanted. Might, Insyallah in the near future. But the interest is no longer there, maybe it is but very slight. I feel that the clock is ticking by the second and I’m aging! Should i “waste” time, not literally waste time but inferentially. Ok that was crap, i think i am a crappy person.

Back to the matter at hand, of not wasting making use of my precious youth doing something i might enjoy. But on the other hand, i have something in mind that might just be the thing for me! Something i know i enjoy, Insyallah.

But then again, there is the future to consider. It is sacrificing something i was planning for a long time and which has more invaluable than many things, for something i really know i will enjoy and would seem as if i moved on instead continue this boring essential part of life. Or so i think.

Am i being rash? Act on my feet without using my brain. Perhaps. Life is all about taking the risk to reach your ultimate, intimate goals; isnt it? Am i still making sense? My thoughts are always cobwebbed. (sigh*)

If you follow you heart, you will be happy for now. But no one can gurantee you a lifetime of happiness. Oh Allah, please help me.

OK i will now go on to the more practical issues of making this wish become true. A couple or more main points to check off and perhaps a couple more years. Or less? I highly doubt so…

As for hindarence, i feel there is none except my folks who will always be the matter in any decision i make.

Between these 2 matters, im biased towards one because i think it will make me happier. Chasing my dreams! The latter could be done after i am done with the first matter. Could, but time is a factor and i cant wait to do the latter!

You know what, i think this post is just a waste because i am never brave enough to do something which involves that much of risk. Or maybe i have done that last year, it wasnt as risky i think.

Lesson for the day

15 Feb

Quote for the day

” You will never fail if you never give up!”

A phrase i heard somewhere and it can be able to be applied to many various situations today or in our daily lives.

This is for my dear friends who will be taking exams for their last semester and for my dear friends; who think this might help you too.

So long as there is breath in me, that long i will persist. For now I know one of the greatest principles of success is, if i persist long enough, i will win!


I would like to leave you with this very meaningful quote which i will always remember…

Sebelum mata dipejam. Dalam masa yang kelam. Luangkan secebis waktu dikala malam, mengimbas kembali kisah silam. Adakah hari ini lebih baik dari semalam? Fikirkanlah…

Before you close you eyes, during the time when it is sober. Spare a few minutes of your night, think back on what you have done in the past. Was today better than yesteray? Think about it…

The translation was the best i could manage, anyone who wishes to provide with a better one, feel free to leave a comment. Thank you.

what the….

14 Feb

I’ll bet that in five years, the baby-faced guy will be gone, and the mother will be either pregnant with another baby, or will have had one with a different father. Teenagers are little more than animals now, thanks to the godless society that raises them. No conscious, no sense of right or wrong, no sense of appropriate sexual contact with the opposite sex.

If there are no righteous leaders, there will be unrighteous societies. It is called soft anarchy. Everyone does his own thing regardless of who it effects.

These were the comments by someone who read about this


Can you guess the relationship between the 3? It used to be my favourite past-time when i was travelling alone-watching people and guessing their relationship and background.

Let me reveal the truth, the pink-clad baby is the child to the budding teenagers; 13 year old Alfie and 15 mother. This happened in England. Rest of story here.

interesting article

13 Feb

Just love reading!

An account about a single lady who was looking for her prospective husband. The last part was well said,

I believe in my religion, the rules, the reasons and even the restrictions. At the same time, I’ve always wanted to be married, and the thought of never knowing that side of myself, as a wife and a mother, scares me. Being with him made me compromise my faith, and my fear of being alone pushed me to ignore my doubts about the relationship.

So if you wish to read more….you can do so here.

After presentation on OSEP

12 Feb

Despite Finland not being the country of my choice, i have no regrets whatsoever. While watching the presentations of other students who went to Germany and Ireland, envious thoughts crossed my mind but my every part of my experience was worth it!

When i saw pictures of their travel with friends; i thought to myself how lucky but thinking back on my experience, it is indescribable. I woudnt trade it for any reason!

————————Life is greater than all these. Time to move on.—————————————–


We all seek that in our lives. When left with no direction, we go haywire.

It hard though to be able to see the clear path in front of us. Reminds me of my time in Germany when my flight was cancelled because of bad weather. Visibility was so terrible around 10metres. Feels like that now, i cant see further than today.