4 Feb

Expect the unexpected.

The super short post about my recent experience, was argued against. So here goes my rebuttal.

Yea, many have passion for teaching but…only when they are in it that they’d realise the real TEACHING. Im saying it as if it is an evil thing. It is a beautiful job, no less but some might say the admin work is more than the teaching.

You dont expect to leave school when the last bell of the day is heard, instead you’d remedials, house practice, CCA and reach home at 7pm. The environment though is very different from a normal white-collar job, that i give a plus point for.

I felt that all my energy left me yesterday at 12.30pm which is technically not even half the day yet. This is not new to me but it still feels different.

When the last bell rang, a teacher came in, plumped her books on her table and sat down with a thumb! “penatnye” she said. I gave her a weak smile, for that was all i could afford. I bade goodbye to my new found friend who told me that she has classes in the afternoon and to the teacher who just came in, still trying to catch her breath.

Im not saying that every teacher hate their job but there has to be a reason why people were willing to leave the job after the bond. It is suitable for some but not for all. Teaching is a wonderful and blessed career, in Singapore, even more so because it pays very well; for those who have the passion will be driven by it.


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