disoriented tots

7 Feb

” Dont you even think about going overseas again!” my mum said to me.

Urm, when i was there of course i missed my family. Who wouldnt? But no matter what, life goes on as normal. We learn to live without them as they learned to live without you. That is how it goes, when you are back…it is a big deal on that day only and again life is back to norm. My point is people learn to adapt to changes when they are left with no choice.

God gave us all, or most of us a family, people we had no choice but to accept and love; our parents, siblings and relatives. Family, for some; are people you cant live without but for others, they are the cause of trouble. I am sure you’ve heard; its better not to be so close to relatives to avoid breaking the relationship altogether, ironic as it sounds…it is true.

The above picture did not satisfy me so i got another one to reflect…

Everything has it’s good and bad.

Everyone has their weird characters and i have mine too. Some things piss me off to the extreme. Good thing though is that i cool down really fast. Tak kuase nak simpan dalam hati. ( cant be bothered) Back to things which piss me off; like just holding my wrist for the fun of it. Even if there is nothing wrong in that, this has happened before and the other party knows i dont like it yet…it just pisses me!

The other party is super stubborn; LOVES to irritate the _____out of me and will never stop till things turn ugly. The closer you are, the more frequent fights break out. So it is better if one keep their distance.

It is ok if you dont get the last part. Or even the first part as a matter of fact, the title says it all! To add more disorientation to this post, i had a wonderful afternoon!


One Response to “disoriented tots”

  1. ad February 10, 2009 at 1:01 am #

    What can i say??? Tat y we r best friends. On the outside we r diff but not on the inside..

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