After presentation on OSEP

12 Feb

Despite Finland not being the country of my choice, i have no regrets whatsoever. While watching the presentations of other students who went to Germany and Ireland, envious thoughts crossed my mind but my every part of my experience was worth it!

When i saw pictures of their travel with friends; i thought to myself how lucky but thinking back on my experience, it is indescribable. I woudnt trade it for any reason!

————————Life is greater than all these. Time to move on.—————————————–


We all seek that in our lives. When left with no direction, we go haywire.

It hard though to be able to see the clear path in front of us. Reminds me of my time in Germany when my flight was cancelled because of bad weather. Visibility was so terrible around 10metres. Feels like that now, i cant see further than today.



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