what the….

14 Feb

I’ll bet that in five years, the baby-faced guy will be gone, and the mother will be either pregnant with another baby, or will have had one with a different father. Teenagers are little more than animals now, thanks to the godless society that raises them. No conscious, no sense of right or wrong, no sense of appropriate sexual contact with the opposite sex.

If there are no righteous leaders, there will be unrighteous societies. It is called soft anarchy. Everyone does his own thing regardless of who it effects.

These were the comments by someone who read about this


Can you guess the relationship between the 3? It used to be my favourite past-time when i was travelling alone-watching people and guessing their relationship and background.

Let me reveal the truth, the pink-clad baby is the child to the budding teenagers; 13 year old Alfie and 15 mother. This happened in England. Rest of story here.


One Response to “what the….”

  1. Affiliate Marketing February 15, 2009 at 6:54 am #

    This is just so messed up. Imagine being 16 and your dad is 29??

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