Follow you heart…

17 Feb

…for you will be blissful!

I might achieve what i wanted. Might, Insyallah in the near future. But the interest is no longer there, maybe it is but very slight. I feel that the clock is ticking by the second and I’m aging! Should i “waste” time, not literally waste time but inferentially. Ok that was crap, i think i am a crappy person.

Back to the matter at hand, of not wasting making use of my precious youth doing something i might enjoy. But on the other hand, i have something in mind that might just be the thing for me! Something i know i enjoy, Insyallah.

But then again, there is the future to consider. It is sacrificing something i was planning for a long time and which has more invaluable than many things, for something i really know i will enjoy and would seem as if i moved on instead continue this boring essential part of life. Or so i think.

Am i being rash? Act on my feet without using my brain. Perhaps. Life is all about taking the risk to reach your ultimate, intimate goals; isnt it? Am i still making sense? My thoughts are always cobwebbed. (sigh*)

If you follow you heart, you will be happy for now. But no one can gurantee you a lifetime of happiness. Oh Allah, please help me.

OK i will now go on to the more practical issues of making this wish become true. A couple or more main points to check off and perhaps a couple more years. Or less? I highly doubt so…

As for hindarence, i feel there is none except my folks who will always be the matter in any decision i make.

Between these 2 matters, im biased towards one because i think it will make me happier. Chasing my dreams! The latter could be done after i am done with the first matter. Could, but time is a factor and i cant wait to do the latter!

You know what, i think this post is just a waste because i am never brave enough to do something which involves that much of risk. Or maybe i have done that last year, it wasnt as risky i think.


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