Fruitful sharing

22 Feb

Got this from one of the many blogs i follow, i think due to me keponess. Haha Singaporeans very kepo by nature…perhaps human nature.


1. The most truthful of discourses is the Book of Allah.

2. The most trustworthy word is Taqwa (fear of God).

3. The best of the communities is the Community of Prophet Abraham (Allah’s peace be upon him).

4. The best way of life is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s peace be upon him).

5. Remembrance of Allah is the most glorious of all things.

6. The best of all narrations is the Qur’an.

7. The best acts are those requiring the highest degree of will and determination.

8. The worst acts are those based on innovation.

9. The best way of life is the one adopted by the Prophets of Allah.

10. The most glorious death is the death of the martyr.

11. The most wretched blindness consists in going astray after finding the Right Way.

12. The best of acts is the one that yields benefit.

13. The best guidance is that which the people may be able to follow.

14. The worst blindness is the blindness of the heart.

15. The upper hand (giving) is better than the lower one (receiving).

16. The less which can meet one’s needs is better than the more which can cause neglectfulness.

17. The worst excuse is that which is offered at the point of death.

18. The worst remorse is the remorse of the Day of Judgment.

19. Some people come for the Friday Prayer but their hearts are held up behind.

20. And they are able to remember Allah but little.

21. The sin of the lying tongue is the gravest of all sins.

( A reminder to myself before i remind anyone else) Lying is an action many view lightly.

Just now, a conversation between 2 individuals about cheating not lying but related nonetheless:

A: Just now i went to Vivo with my friends to meet another friend who is working in the Starbucks there.

B: Ohh and then?

A: He told us to sit down first while he served other customers. After sometime, he came to ask us what we wanted and few minutes later brought out orders.

B: (Almost imediately assumed it was not paid for) It is not halal! ( unless of course if the employee of Starbucks pays for his friends’ drinks)

A: Never mind what. (in a nonchalant way)

It does not bother A that you will be questioned on the day of Judgement of what you consume; one of the many questions. We are held responsible for our actions. It is the littlest things we overlook in life.

22. Real richness is the richness of the heart.

23. The best provision is the provision of Taqva (fear of God).

24. The best of all wisdom and knowledge is the fear of Allah Almighty.

25. Faith is the best thing to be cultivated and entrenched in the heart. 🙂


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