I love my parents!

3 Mar

Title says it all…

Sharing, a very important aspect of life.

We want their blessings in whatever we do thus the need to explain to them, to persuade them to allow us to do things which they might not allow if you do not shed light from a different angle.

Sometimes, they might not be patient or even have the time to listen but you can always make them listen. It all depends on how much you want their blessings.

One who is always afraid to do something my parents disapprove of, I try to reason time and again to get the ‘Go ahead’ signal. I’m no saint of course!

Not just will you get their blessing but their trust in you would elevate as they hear how you deal with the complicated situations is your life.

Such a random post, directed at my special friend who knows who she is.


Im elated! I heard from an overseas friend…it was so unexpected!!! Alhamdulilah…


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