the perfect adam

5 Mar

This crack me up real bad,

are you dreaming of a husband from the Gulf who speaks tamil with the Filipino’s accent and comes back home to kiss his 58 children???

This was a comment in response the a post on this blog, which happened to chance upon. Feel free to drop by there, I did an examplified version below. 

Honestly this person is talking about someone who doesnt exist. The perfect husband, islamically speaking-

  • someone whose voice will reach into our souls when he recites the holy book from Allah, the Quran with perfect tajweed.


  • the 10-in-one husband who loves his wife so much that he doesnt want her hands to be tired by doing the housework so does the cleaning and washing. (I wonder than what does the beautiful, gentle wife do at home???)


  • He will bring her to the poshes hotels and buy her everything she wants without fail on their monthly honeymoon.


  • The softest of silks and luxurious garments from all over the world will he ship for his beloved wife to don in their oh-so-beautiful garden house.


  • He MUST also be the most attentive listener of listeners and the funniest man to make her laugh ever so gracefully.


  • Did i mention he must be model-type material in terms of physic AND intellectually gifted?

Have I mentioned enough? Or need i say more before men start throwing stones at me.

These are what we try to look for but we know we’d never get what we want, just merely entertaining ourselves.


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