‘this country’

9 Mar

Were those mere coincidences with this certain country?

I love reading blogs as some of you might know, well amongst those which i follow, there are some favourites and it includes this blog X from this country.

I’ve been communicating with this ‘friend’ for over 3 to 4 years at an ad-hoc basis and he called me recently which caused my euphoria. He is from this country.

Like the next day, a long time friend, (around 6 years) was telling me about someone and her life; how … and this someone is from this country.

Recently, this country has attracted my interest. Coincidences i hope would mean something more than just coincidences.

p.s. thoughts circulating my busy head has been troubling me ever so often that I feel depressed. I should never let it get to me but it always manage to break through my ‘strong’ defenses.

AND the colour of my blog also explains how i feel.


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