what is deterring us?

17 Mar


My friend said it is everyones’ enemy.

Perhaps we are our own enemy.

Freedom. Some yearn for it.

With all the freedom in the world, what are we going to do with it? One who haven’t tasted it might feel that the world is endless and opprtunities are wide. But…restrictions from elsewhere makes us stop.

There is only so far we can go with courage, one will need much much more.

I’ve lost sight of the aim of this post, which was why am i thinking too much. I cant stop!

Dont get me started or i wont stop. Yesterday, a stranger asked me some thought-provoking questions or his action was at least thought provoking. After a good night’s sleep, i came up with a list of questions if ever that happens again or if he was serious. I should tell my mum but…

I wish i lived in another society, where more people like me existed and more people im looking for existed. I wish for too many things which i know won’t come true. I know we all do…

I used to wonder if i was any different from anyone; guess i am. I know how and it is enough.


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