I deserve an explaination!

21 Mar

I have not come to terms with what she has done to me because i dont know the reason. Her brief apology deserve a sweet reply agreeing to put it behind us. But my ability to do that is close to none. The obstacle seems to be the answer to the big WHY.

Perhaps it is God giving me a taste of my own medicine, for i just realise the resemblance to what i did to someone. It is bitter, yucks! But really the grounds for what i did were highly acceptable for my standards. The answer to WHY was not given to that person,T, because of T’s reaction.

T wouldnt let the matter rest! Insyallah T would come to terms with it, or perhaps have already reached understanding by now. In my case, T knew what T has done yet remain in the illusion that the impact of his actions was nil, nonexistent! That is enough of a certification of confirmation that i made the correct decision. 

Let time heal all wounds and leave all matters in Allah’s hands.

For we are only planners of this life but HE is the decider of fate.


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