‘the experience’

28 Mar

I have no extraordinary flair for writing but i enjoy it! Reminded me of the ‘good times’ in Junior College. It wasn’t all that bad actually, the 2 years i spent there, General Paper was the subject i enjoyed the most. Despite hating it at first because i couldnt grasp the ‘concept’ but over time…it’ll develop and i managed.

After much contemplation, i decided to GO. I really liked the way it was conducted. The location scored this place points but just like many, still uncomfortable with the idea of this ‘weird’ institution when compared to the more normal ones which have gained world wide recognition.

There is no gurantee though as to whether the results of yesterday’s presence of a place in that institution. It is of course better to leave it to ONE who knows more.

So is GREED good? This amongst other contemporary issues were discussed in the second segment of yesterday’s event. Despite much exposure and experience, i will never change to be someone more vocal. Writing would be my choice of expressing my thoughts over speaking anytime.

Last segment following the ‘interrogation’ was another form of expression of ideas via writing. Given a choice of discussing the injustice in the world or the 2 sides of a coin with regards to group identity, i chose the latter which seem much easier to deal with.

The world is a big, scary place! Too much is being done is some and nothing is being done in the remaining parts.


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