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30 Apr
That is us! My wonderful company on the not-so-very special day!

That is us! My wonderful company on the 'not-so-very' special day!



And now, another shot where we all look kinda funny but eh background makes up for it ūüôā

It was after that when we decided to feed our growling stomach, or was it mine alone ? It was satay and roti john by the river!.How cool is that? It is nice just hanging out and yea…

As you grow older, presents are not all that you look for but having people with you in your life; friends and family. It is a wonderful blessing which God has not give me short of any, Alhamdulilah. What if one day it is all taken from you? I shall not wait for the day to come before i start appreciating what i have.

But thank u! All those who wished me as well, no matter how many years go by, the number of wishes does make the day of those who are celebrating their birth many years later. So thank u! And gosh the facebook wishes as well! Such warm fuzzy feeling!

Special thanks to Nisa aka Visa ( I am sure all of u know her since her name is printed on all ur VISA cards) and Rachel, you should know her too ūüôā the pretty one in the dress from the pics above…for spending the evening with me. Also the nice, unique gift which i love much! I will flaunt it! Haha…thanks Pooja too!


My dear busy friends who brought me those unstoppable laughs…last Sunday.


Eww…smelly cards! It is called slamwich…kind of fun but really R tried so hard to win..u know what it is natural talent which allows the winner to surface! Gish i am crapping… well it is late…so pardon my increasing lameness.


Yeap that is us, but we had fun…Taboo was the most fun as we had a scapegoat, the only him present. Just imagine, he was so agitated that he banged the table and kept describing even after the minute was up. He tried so hard but … dont worry R, practice harder!


Another special thanks to A and R!


p.s. i am full of smileys today! Every message and reply includes one so this post shall end with one ūüôā


treats! weee!

30 Apr


It is superlicious! Thanks SL!
It is superlicious! Thanks SL!
Chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse

¬†The mousse was delicious as well! The photos are in the wrong order and I am in no state to be a perfectionist…so bah…The mousse is from V, not part of today’s occasion but V is just a very nice, always is. Even if u say u dont want, she will get something for u…

And because i am lazy to reorder, i shall start another post for the continuation! ūüôā

most delightful

28 Apr

We always imagine how our love story will be like. Haven’t we? For those who haven’t already found love, that is.

I am speaking after witnessing a wonderful movie, it has captivated me. Movies today cannot be compared to this movie; the settings which i love so much!!! It was taken in England, the place i would love to see again, especially the country side. The sights, the way of speaking, the mannerism.

Falling in love¬†the old-fashioned way; no touching, no kissing, no dating…just circumstances when they spoke to each other and¬†lost their hearts. Or perhaps it was the first time they met¬†each other when love blossomed.

It is just so pure, you can¬†feel the love. OMG¬†i am letting my emotions run wild. I shall end by revealing the movie…¬†


getting into the heads of those who do stuff which puzzles you

27 Apr

Though i know of some who dehijabize, I have never satisfied my burning desire to ask the W-H-Y. I just come up with my own conclusions and maybe I should just Do’a-kan. I’ve had my moments but I think Allah made it easy for me, my family and the way I just am since when i was a little girl had a part to play.

This article is thought-provoking as a whole. You should read it to understand what goes on the heads of these women who dehijabize.

A scary phenomenon:

A small piece of evidence; Facebook profile pictures of girls in hijab are increasingly replaced; sometimes, the replacement picture is as simple as a woman in loose clothes with her long, flowing hair showing, while at other times it is women posing in bikinis or mini-skirts. Women all over the world are casting off the hijab.

One of the reason why women decide to take it off, no doubt the thought has occured to me but I have no intention of doing something against what i believe in just so that i can find a man to marry. God is all-knowing and aware and i leave my life in the One who knows what is best for me.

I decided to ask around. Some women had originally decided to wear the hijab to counteract serious sins they had committed in the past. Ironically, some women also removed the hijab because they felt that they were sinners, and were therefore unable to live up to what they felt should symbolize a woman in a hijab. A huge number of women noted that even the most religious of Muslim men were proposing to women who were not in hijab, leaving the women in hijab feeling rather inadequate; if a religious man is uninterested in a woman in a headscarf, who will be?

Another reason given which is a weak one unless you face violence but still, most of them just want to fit in. It has always been about fitting in hasnt it? Arent we all different individuals who live how we like and do what we want. Then why dress according to people’s perception? I personally hold onto the saying,”To¬†each it’s own.”

When i was in Frankfurt, i met a Candian girl who was a fellow hostel room mate. And we had this conversation. I have had a few more reactions which i dread, i will share some in the future. 

CG: Can you wake me up for my early flight at 5 because my phone charger is faulty.

Me: Sure, it wouldnt be a problem since i would wake up around that time to pray. (i am not usually very frank but something got into me, i dont know what)

She was a little taken aback but she recovered fast and

CG: so I guess you are muslim? (Or i think she asked what was my religion because at that i wasn’t with the hijab as i was in the room and that was the first time i met her.)

Me: yea

She asked me a weird question

CG: What do you think of people who dont pray? (and this time i was caught off guard and after a few seconds of silence)

Me: I said it is their own choice. 

CG: (She answered her own question) To each its own, right?

Me: Yea

Many others grew exhausted of the ‚Äėout-of-place‚Äô feeling they had- either because they were in a majority non-Muslim country, where the hijab was viewed as dehumanizing, or because they were in a Muslim majority country which, as a consequence of Westernisation, increasingly viewed the hijab as ‚Äėunsophisticated‚Äô or a sign of poor education.

The most common reason for their act which i totally condone:

But this brings me to the most important point of dehijabization. Women who remove the headscarf because they choose to interpret the Islamic tradition in their own way without training; they are just as problematic as these preachers. Perhaps this is the most alarming and now widespread reason for dehijabization – women who claim that the hijab is not fard (obligatory). This was cited as the most common reason used by the majority of women I have come across who have dehijabized.

Logical counter-arguement:

 Yes, there are several different interpretations, but they all must come from the basis of Islamic law. But on the hijab, there is no difference of opinion. The 31st verse of the 24th chapter of the Qur’an mentions the word khimar, which unequivocally means a veil covering the head, according to the agreed upon definition by the majority of classical commentators. The commentators (mufasiroon) further comment by stating that the noun khimar (the singular of khumur) was a loosely worn veil which was worn long before the advent of Islam and long after.

However, during the period of the revelation, it was customary that women bared their breasts while covering their hair. In fact, as Arab men went off to battle, women used to bear their breasts to encourage them to be brave; in some cases, they would show their breasts during warfare. With the advent of Islam, until now, Muslim women have been showing only their hands and faces, in accordance with the prescriptions of the Prophet, and the passing of his prescriptions from that time until this day. That methodology is followed not just in terms of the hijab, an admittedly small piece of cloth, but in the whole of this religion.
To read the whole article, click on the link above. The quotes are excerps from the article.

there is a difference between race or religion?

27 Apr

I think some of these FAQ about what to say to your muslim co-worker really can be applied in our society.

Singaporeans are as oblivious to the muslims as well; i get the you are malay right? When I AM NOT! And they still dont get it when i get into the simple concept that just as there are Chinese who are Buddist, Taoist and Christians, why even Muslims (not common in Singapore).

Indians can be Christian, Buddist, Hindu and Muslim. I think when they went to school, they professed their pledge blindly….

We the citizens of Singapore…..regardless of race, religion or language….

And they dont realise that we are various race AND religion! Adults are even confused. Even Malays seem to think I am one of them, which is urgh! Nothing against them but it is your race. I look Indian for goodness sake! Ok it is not a big deal since we are not really discriminated against though some people hold unfavourable stereotypes of Malays and Indians.

The issue in America is much worse. Imagine being born American but treated as second class citizens?

Read more here. Watch the video as well.

This shall be titleless!

26 Apr

When was the last time you laughed so hard till you felt your stomach is going to burst? 

I cant recall when i laughed so hard but it felt good and sometimes, you do something which make you forget what day it was tomorrow. It was like that for me and i forgot my tiredness. That is what great friends can do to someone!

R was¬†so funny, acting like a dog but A didnt get it and he kept being bullied by us. Poor thing…huehuehue.¬†He wanted to win so bad that he looked so pityful when he lost.

It isn’t how much time you spent together but the quality time you create when you are together which holds the bond strong.

Thanks guys! I had fun and it was a nice place with nice ambience¬†as well. Hope i get the photos soon ūüôā

Famous Amos cookie! Yummy...a little is gone already!

Famous Amos cookie! Yummy...a little is gone already!

The other present will be worn to be displyed.

p.s. R, i am interested in Pakistan as I am in Bosnia and the MIDDLE EAST and Canada and UK and…the list a long one and you’d not have the patience to read it!

My dear friends, health is important, so please take care of yourselves! Love you! ( Both of you are working too hard)

mind boggling!

25 Apr

Words can never paint the picture in my head. I have to channel my thoughts away from where it was facing to reduce the impact of whatever that happens. I am talking in riddles and that is no surprise!

prayers of a traveller

24 Apr

” Tears will just flow like running water when you are in the lands of the prophets,” my dear mum said when she reminised her memories during Haj.

Iman will fluctuate but we need to include activities in our daily lives to allow it to reach higher levels. Just like my blog stats for instace, i have to try to blog about topics which interest a bigger market if i want to increase traffic.

Somtimes it is the littlest things which we didnt realise would make a difference. When i was travelling, Allah¬†gave me most or should i say all that i asked for. And it was mentioned in the Quran that Allah ease the trials of travellers. I can never thank Him enough. I promise to never be proud of travelling through Europe alone because it was Him who was with me all the way. Through that i realised the power of Do’a and how easily Allah granted my prayers, quite instantly.

I experienced what i thought was a miracle, Alhamdulilah. The tears wouldnt stop flowing, im so sinful. Oh Allah, please help me; i ask You full of humilty.

Dua of these group of people will be easily answered

1) fasting person

2) traveler

3) one who is oppressed

4) a pious child who makes Dua for his parents


Also Special Times when Dua is most likely to be answered:

1) when it’s raining (rain is blessing from ALLAH)

2) Last 3rd of night esp. before Fajr; called Sahr

3) Between Athan/Azan and Iqamah

4) Standing at mount Arafat (part of Hajj)

5) During the Qoonoot of Taraweeh in Ramadan

6) Lailatul Qadr

7) Friday after Asr till Maghrib

8) When a fasting person breaks his fast

9) Before drinking Zam-Zam

10) Right after Salah (prayer)

11) In sujood (prostrations)

He, who loses money, loses much
He, who loses a friend, loses much more
He, who loses FAITH, loses everything

As a conclusion, I wish to add a wonderful memory.


Dont mind the blurrness, it is a good thing also that my face is blurred. Taken 5 years ago, when i was still a budding hijabi and sporting the braces which i miss so much!

Sun rise from my window

24 Apr
There are some very beautiful sun rise and set which i've witnessed in Finland...definitely has more colours but this is beautiful nonetheless.
There are some very beautiful sun rise and set which i’ve witnessed in Finland…definitely has more colours but this is beautiful nonetheless.
We human can never capture the beauty of the world with no matter how many million mega pixel we ever have.
We human can never capture the beauty of the world with no matter how many million mega pixel we ever have.

For the past few mornings, i noticed the beautiful colours luminating the sky. God is the best of artists.

The trees are always blocking me!

The trees are always blocking me!

And yesterday as I was driving past Seagate near AMK, I set eyes on strong orange colours of the sun set.

Call it coincidence

23 Apr

i met the same person thrice today.

As I entered the lift, he was coming towards it so, being like the company i was in, i held the lift for him.

Teachers are truly nice people; I can be considered a spy because I eavesdrop unconciously on certain conversations while i sit there reading notes and counting the sseconds past. – back to the story!

And so a few polite greetings were exchanged, i told you they were well-mannered nice people. He is not very gentleman though, i notice that of Singaporean men.

Canadian¬†men i’ve met were very gentlemen, they dont just gesture, but adds the¬†” after you.” It makes a girl feel special or respected. African men I’ve met are no different from their Singaporean counterparts; they just let the door swing into your face! I gather the more international gentlemen gesture is treating the lady a meal or coffee. ( I’ve been on the receiving end of this treatment i fair number of times, in Europe may i add, to emphasize the fact about Singaporean men)

OMG, i have digressed so far yet again!

When I have reached almost the end of the working day, I walked towards my last class and guess who i bump into( not literally, so don’t imagine the dramatic bump and books scattered everywhere as … blah)? That same person.

It was kind of mutual that now, it is time to smile (next stage)¬†and so i recirpocated his oh-so-genuine smile¬†but think he wanted to say something but stopped…

That so far is fine, normal for daily standards.

BUT, ok i’m getting your hopes high for nothing but just bear with me. As i sat near my flat waiting for mum,¬† i lifted my head from the handphone screen at which i was staring at for some time, just in time to see him walking in t shirt and shorts¬†swinging a bag like a kid. On the way to the gym, judging from his physique,¬†i guess but I was glad he didnt see me! Nothing is the matter actually just too weird to meet someone outside of where you normally see them.

Or it is just me being the usual thinking me!