2 Apr

I used to think that children should be disciplined very severely. I am beginning to see from a different perspective; perhaps some people have a way with kids which does not include screaming like a maniac to get their attention. Unfortunately I have yet to discover the secrets of those whom the kids love and respect, not out of fear but __________. ( this is what i have to find out)

Some of the kids actions exasperate me; this i have to deal with! But really, i am so biased towards those who are cute. Does nature play a part in nurturing? I cant help it when they are so adorable that i remember their names at once and i call on them to answer the questions in class. It seems to be the same case for those who are academically incline, whom i am biased towards.

It is unfair!!! When asked about the injustice in the world, i should have poured out my thoughts onto the paper, a week ago. How is it fair that kids who don’t know where their parents are, don’t get the education background their more fortunate counterparts? How is it fair that they suffer in school and not much can be done to help them? How is fair if these kids end up in bad company when they are a little older and have no one to turn to? How is it fair if these kids future looks bleak right from the start?

The only refuge I fall back on is God has good things planned for them, if not here then in the hereafter.

The emotions evoked perhaps is God’s way of showing me the path.


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