love related post

4 Apr

Online Nikkah…

an excerpt:

I’m getting married *screams* : aa
Abdul: wa
I’m getting married *screams* : what’s going on?
Abdul: nothing much.
I’m getting married *screams* : did u get any word on the banquet hall?
Abdul: ugh
Abdul: i tried everywhere ayesha and every place was so expensive
I’m getting married *screams* : OMG!!!
I’m getting married *screams* : abdul!!
I’m getting married *screams* : do you know much it sucks to wait! we’ve been waiting to get this nikkah done for months!
Abdul: sorry
I’m getting married *screams* : omg this is retarted
Abdul: *retarded
I’m getting married *screams* : shut upp
Abdul: are you mad at me?
I’m getting married *screams* : maybe
Abdul: Well I have an idea (i)
I’m getting married *screams* : oh this will be good
Abdul: we can have an online nikkah
I’m getting married *screams* : a what?!

this is super hilarious ( to continue reading)


Another one is a poem related to fate…

poem lovers go ahead and read!

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