We were the unreported victims…

6 Apr
The thought did cross my mind that perhaps it was the salad i made myself which i ate over 3 days which caused the food poisoning. The effect of the breakfast at Geylang market took place after my late dinner. I thought the pain would go away if i slept but on the contrary, the pain prevented me from falling asleep. I took refuge in painkillers which i try not to take unless the pain is unbearable; God knows it was.
I had work early next morning and i needed all the sleep i could get but nope my stomach wouldnt give it a rest; after a few visits to the toilet and 2 painkillers the pain subsided.
I was rudely awakened at 3am for another visit to the toilet. I thought to myself that it cant be the frequent aches i had in the past which was part of another problem. But i wanted to be well enough to go to work! So i emptied 2 bottles of poh chai into my almost empty stomach by now.
Wasn’t only until late into the wee hours of the morning when people were enjoying their rest when my stomach allowed me to drift back into restless sleep. It was not for long though before i had to drag myself to the toilet again and off to work.

After an age-old traditional diarrhoea reliever of tea and juice of lemon when I was allowed to be in peace, alas.
My mum reported similar symptoms of diarrhoea. She is still not well till today…hope she will be well soon of course 🙂 InsyAllah
The cause of it all…
.My mum never fails to eat rojak from here whenever we have breakfast there...
My mum never fails to eat the rojak from this stall if we go for or normal breakfast there.
Well on a formal note, do visit The Straits Times for the full report.
While we were there, I spotted many enjoying their rojak including a very nice lady with her maid who became our acquaitance as she told us tales of her children and friends and the 22 couples she match-made in her life. I hope she is well…kesian… 

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