God is the best of planners

9 Apr

Our paths crossed, once again. Not literally this time but for a split second, there was a wave of recognition, perhaps…


My mind is corrupted with all the thoughts which belong to a 15 year old teenager. Im well grown and look just my age or perhaps a wee bit younger but my thoughts are a little late. All this childish want and wishes as if plans have been made but the fact remains starkly that even words haven’t been exchanged.


God is the best of planners, a favourite phrase of mine of late.


This wasn’t even my intended choice of education path but what has it got me? all that I never imagined. Life is indeed full of surprises, last year this time, the thought never occurred to me that my 21st birthday would bring me the freedom I was promised only after I got married. I never got married but I got the freedom alright. That, together with a series of goodness came my way till I shiver with guilt and fear thinking when …


God is the best of planners.


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