morality issues

13 Apr

People are blocked from the view of what lies ahead. I don’t disagree that we will never know what our future holds but the Holy Book is here for a reason; to enlighten us the idiots!

It depends on the individual, their culture and upbringing and how they perceive these things. We cannot afford to be too conservative or society will never move ahead.

This was what a Mr Lee said with regards to the recent video which was uploaded by a passer-by when he spotted a couple having oral sex in broad daylight on a beach here in cultured Singapore. This was taken from the NEW PAPER so i cant link.

Call me conservative, i dont care! But such behavior is the result of society, upbringing and some mental deficiencie; mainly more of the latter. GET A ROOM PEOPLE!

These people have no sense of shame. Anyone can disagree with me but it is my personal opinion that they are senseless and shameless people. God created us with fitrah.

Whether halal or haram –  please keep it between you and God, dont drag others to hell with you, by allowing them to watch!

Think people, if you have kids – do you do that in front of them? Or would you allow them to watch porn with you? Then why the exception? The last i heard East Coast Park was still government property so YOU didnt buy it over did you? Last time i checked, it was still a place for families to enjoy quality time together. 

Can you imagine walking on the beach with your little ones and they suddenly saw something out of ordinary and ask out of innocent curiousity; ” mummy, what are they doing?” And you’d be, ” uhhh….”

Who said being conservative have anything to do with the society’s progression? I really dont see the direct link! Look around you and open your eyes wide; are the conservative society which are backward?


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