life of this world

15 Apr

When life becomes so monotonous, we look to other things which can spice it up. It can be in the form of spiritual tranquility to experience a feeling of closeness to the Creator of the heavens and the earth. 

 I have yet to feel as such, just a second hand receiver of such insight

We will search for meaning in our lives as monotonous = losing focus of what life holds. Thoughts that perhaps our destiny lies elsewhere? We try to reach out via the world wide web.

Im guilty of such acts; nothing wrong i think. As it has given me much more than just information but insight.

The Muslim society in other parts of the world, from what i gather, has a different approach. Here, we are always known part of the MALAY/MUSLIM community.

Perhaps it is a good thing that Muslims who migrate over, detach their cultural baggage because it becomes harder to practice. That way, when they pratice the religion, it is pure. They are part of the Muslim community, no matter where they are from or what they looked like.

Being in Europe, wasn’t easy though no one shun me. Alhamdulilah. But really meeting Muslims in different part of the world, no matter what i was by race does not matter to them, all that mattered was I was Muslim. Group identity.

It exist everywhere, no doubt just like in Singapore – we tend to speak our mother tongue when we are with the people of the same race. So dont label me a racist or religionist for that matter.

I have digressed yet again.

…I thought to myself that I was going to be so bored in a ‘boring’ city known only for its fashion, Milan. To my greatest surprise…TBC in a few days when I am freer.


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