International Friendship Day

17 Apr

Well in the spirit of it, i decided to share about my international friends.

First of all…..(drumroll)

My dear room mate, A.


I miss her very much! I am sure she is having a nice time back home 🙂

It is really different being friends with someone from a different continent and living together with one. Imagine the discomfort at first, when it is like you are living with a stranger; what with safety and trust which seem to come easily between us. I dont regret requesting for a room mate and I thank God profusely with such a perfect selection! A test about one’s ability to conform and adjust to living with another, i think it turned into a blessing.

Imagine how lonely I would be without her??? I was for the 3 days after her departure and before my departure back home, lonely and bored. She was always there to listen even though she needs to study or do something, she will always lend her always ready ear. Impossible to forget her protectiveness over me when i experienced something really bad there. Sharing of tales from back home, of travel, of culture, of life experiences…

p.s her favourite colour is green too!!!_________________________________________________

Bosnia is hard to forget! And the people i met there, even harder to forget.


A perfect blend of culture, we left behind our nationalities and stuck together like family.

Not forgetting the cute Bosnian lady who brought me to them… even though she was confused 🙂

A couple of very sweet girls working in a hostel in Sarajevo and the handsome owner…huehue…I should have taken a photo with them!!!

There were also the so many people i met in the hostel; 3 Serbian girls, a Slovakian girl, an Austrain girl, American, a S.Korean lady….


All the way from Tanzania, a friend I found so warm even from the beginning. Even the silence between us was wonderful, comfortable when we first met.


Taken during Eid.

Also include a Somalian family, warm and welcoming. The grandma, so sweet even though she couldnt speak English. Imagine her entertaining us, with just smiles and very very simple English. I visited her twice besides the times we met in the mosque.


Travel friends…

 Canadian and Hong Kong guys, the story of how we met still humours me. Which has to do with a Bosnian lady. Ohh the tale of the my train trip from Budapest to Sarajevo is one weird and fun one…

When i think about my friend in Milan, I from Burkina Faso, it makes me such a happy kid. My friend kind of picked me out from a crowd (i wasnt that hard to pick as i stood out like a sore thumb) and make sure I stuck to I , and even asked me to stay there,for the whole time i was there.

I must not forget my hospitable hosts and hostess in Tampere and Cologne ( house of B)…it made my experiences even more meaningful…


I had a ‘friend’ almost everywhere i went. Amazing ain’t it? Alhamdulilahi rabbil ‘alamin.

God has looked after me so well and protected me from harm in so many ways.


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