18 Apr

Life is unfair!!!

When I come across individuals who I consider equal or better than me, my eyes will spot out something to make me feel better. More often than not, it is something they have which i lack.

While growing up, i wasn’t much of a happy kid. I still want that part to be a blur, the most uncomfortable stage. But now, I think that was a much simpler phase where ignorance was accepted. I could do stupid things and it can be passed off as ‘the rebellious state of teenage life’.

I like where i am today, i like who i’ve become but there are things which i wished were much simpler. Why cant I be as lucky as others who never wanted so much but got much more?( im being unreasonable here, but just being human) I cant even stop my thoughts! They run wild and ahead of me, thus losing control.

A call for change has been heard but the limbs are frozen even as the vibrations reaches into ear and relays the message to the brain, i sit staring aimlessly at computer typing away.

Im stuck in transition!

Sometimes, things come in the way we least expect it to. Perhaps it is time to STOP thinking and appreciate what i have now. Dont wait till it is gone before, you realise the value of it. I have been making an effort to but i am not moving forward, stagnancy has been my companion for long enough. Argh…im contradicting myself.

(take a few deep breaths) I shall take baby steps – like maybe trim my hair…haha!


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