Call it coincidence

23 Apr

i met the same person thrice today.

As I entered the lift, he was coming towards it so, being like the company i was in, i held the lift for him.

Teachers are truly nice people; I can be considered a spy because I eavesdrop unconciously on certain conversations while i sit there reading notes and counting the sseconds past. – back to the story!

And so a few polite greetings were exchanged, i told you they were well-mannered nice people. He is not very gentleman though, i notice that of Singaporean men.

Canadian men i’ve met were very gentlemen, they dont just gesture, but adds the ” after you.” It makes a girl feel special or respected. African men I’ve met are no different from their Singaporean counterparts; they just let the door swing into your face! I gather the more international gentlemen gesture is treating the lady a meal or coffee. ( I’ve been on the receiving end of this treatment i fair number of times, in Europe may i add, to emphasize the fact about Singaporean men)

OMG, i have digressed so far yet again!

When I have reached almost the end of the working day, I walked towards my last class and guess who i bump into( not literally, so don’t imagine the dramatic bump and books scattered everywhere as … blah)? That same person.

It was kind of mutual that now, it is time to smile (next stage) and so i recirpocated his oh-so-genuine smile but think he wanted to say something but stopped…

That so far is fine, normal for daily standards.

BUT, ok i’m getting your hopes high for nothing but just bear with me. As i sat near my flat waiting for mum,  i lifted my head from the handphone screen at which i was staring at for some time, just in time to see him walking in t shirt and shorts swinging a bag like a kid. On the way to the gym, judging from his physique, i guess but I was glad he didnt see me! Nothing is the matter actually just too weird to meet someone outside of where you normally see them.

Or it is just me being the usual thinking me!


3 Responses to “Call it coincidence”

  1. RACHEL April 23, 2009 at 5:03 pm #

    OMG! sounds like drama! hahaha I like these kind of situation!
    And what you said about canadian men are true sio….

    Ehem Ehem, i think Sporean men should be MORE GENTLEMEN!

    • crazylaughter April 24, 2009 at 12:48 pm #

      Rachel, yea sure does! Haha…these Singaporean guys must learn or we just have to learn to accept their ignorance! haha…small issue but shows much about them.


  1. Oh God, Im beat! « it’s all about how you perceive me - May 29, 2009

    […] The same person, maybe i should give him a name, Mr Muscle! haha so this Mr Muscle walked in the opposite direction and he gave me a bright bright smile and said, ” Selamat Pagi Cikgu” and what did super blur sotong me do? Smile widely without replying like some idiot! […]

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