prayers of a traveller

24 Apr

” Tears will just flow like running water when you are in the lands of the prophets,” my dear mum said when she reminised her memories during Haj.

Iman will fluctuate but we need to include activities in our daily lives to allow it to reach higher levels. Just like my blog stats for instace, i have to try to blog about topics which interest a bigger market if i want to increase traffic.

Somtimes it is the littlest things which we didnt realise would make a difference. When i was travelling, Allah gave me most or should i say all that i asked for. And it was mentioned in the Quran that Allah ease the trials of travellers. I can never thank Him enough. I promise to never be proud of travelling through Europe alone because it was Him who was with me all the way. Through that i realised the power of Do’a and how easily Allah granted my prayers, quite instantly.

I experienced what i thought was a miracle, Alhamdulilah. The tears wouldnt stop flowing, im so sinful. Oh Allah, please help me; i ask You full of humilty.

Dua of these group of people will be easily answered

1) fasting person

2) traveler

3) one who is oppressed

4) a pious child who makes Dua for his parents


Also Special Times when Dua is most likely to be answered:

1) when it’s raining (rain is blessing from ALLAH)

2) Last 3rd of night esp. before Fajr; called Sahr

3) Between Athan/Azan and Iqamah

4) Standing at mount Arafat (part of Hajj)

5) During the Qoonoot of Taraweeh in Ramadan

6) Lailatul Qadr

7) Friday after Asr till Maghrib

8) When a fasting person breaks his fast

9) Before drinking Zam-Zam

10) Right after Salah (prayer)

11) In sujood (prostrations)

He, who loses money, loses much
He, who loses a friend, loses much more
He, who loses FAITH, loses everything

As a conclusion, I wish to add a wonderful memory.


Dont mind the blurrness, it is a good thing also that my face is blurred. Taken 5 years ago, when i was still a budding hijabi and sporting the braces which i miss so much!

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