there is a difference between race or religion?

27 Apr

I think some of these FAQ about what to say to your muslim co-worker really can be applied in our society.

Singaporeans are as oblivious to the muslims as well; i get the you are malay right? When I AM NOT! And they still dont get it when i get into the simple concept that just as there are Chinese who are Buddist, Taoist and Christians, why even Muslims (not common in Singapore).

Indians can be Christian, Buddist, Hindu and Muslim. I think when they went to school, they professed their pledge blindly….

We the citizens of Singapore…..regardless of race, religion or language….

And they dont realise that we are various race AND religion! Adults are even confused. Even Malays seem to think I am one of them, which is urgh! Nothing against them but it is your race. I look Indian for goodness sake! Ok it is not a big deal since we are not really discriminated against though some people hold unfavourable stereotypes of Malays and Indians.

The issue in America is much worse. Imagine being born American but treated as second class citizens?

Read more here. Watch the video as well.


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