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All about DUNG!

2 May

Call me weird but i was enjoying a show called, ” All about Dung,” on History channel, the channel which have been of interest to me of late. Lots of things captivated my attention in the show about what we are digusted with. In this show, the guy travelled from Oxford to the Borneo Islands to Africa to India. We all somewhat know the benefits of dung but to what extent and the importance of this certain bug which helps transport the dung….i can go on and on and everyone will feel like throwing stone at me for going on and on about dung!


Had a nice and tiring day but filled with real fun with my girlfriends! Nice and relaxing. I realised that i contradicted myself but you kind of got the idea right?

We went to this place where it was crowded, thankfully not too crowded.

One of the activites in particular has the ability to give me adrenaline rush!

People of all sorts are dressed in the assorted types of ——-wear. It is utmost interesting, people watching. Because of them, i stuck out like a sore thumb. Dont I always? But it gets normal till you learn to welcome attention; sometimes it can be because think you are weird and other times they think you are crazy, which is worse i dont know.

This place can be considerate boring but what refuge can Singaporeans turn to? But it is the company you are in right?

I had fun particularly at the childrens’ playground because i could go on the slides but have to make do with little kids kicking you *** because they are too impatient to wait for you to reach the end of the slide before jumping down after you.

Guess the place….I shall give one last clue and it will be a giveaway.

The place has tons and tons of water!!! It is not the water paradise! haha…i am going lame….boo hoo!