it happened so naturally, i liked how it went

5 May

As i walked around aimlessly in the Centrale station of Milan, looking for the tourist information center. It is kind of the first place i look for besides food that is, when i arrive at my destination.

The problem is no one could help me. On my way from the airport to the main station, an Italian guy sat next to me and he was telling me to be careful when he found out i was travelling alone. For you information, i started the conversation with him, with my stupid question, ” do you know if those are the alps?” Because i couldnt believe my eyes, i wanted someone to confirm for me that the mountains i was seeing was actually the ALPS, though from a distance.

I actually went around, up and down, in and out of the station till i got the information that the Tourist Information Center was in Duomo station which can be reached by metro. I was taken by surprise that the ticket was only an Euro – after being in Venice, i assumed Italy was expensive. When i came out of the metro station, i was shocked because i didnt expect to see such a huge building before i actually climb out of the underground station – it was magnificient the Duomo (Dome). It is considered one of the main attractions in Milan.

I bumped into alot of people and tourist and those people who sold you the wrist band thing which they will trick you by saying it is free then ask for money. I heard about them from Rachel when we saw some of them in Paris. I tried to avoid any contact with them, not even eye contact!

I wandered around the area thinking of what to do, i was tired to walk around with my load on my back and there was supposedly nothing much so all i needed was a place to rest where no one would disturb me. I walked towards the shopping area and bumped into someone; and that brush of fate allowed him to be my tour guide and companion for the day. He started by saying salam, and I had to answer him. That spark off the conversation in Italian English- French. Your guess is good as mine as to whether or not there is such a language.

When i think back of how he was a most hospitable host, getting nothing in return for his kind gesture…i am thankful to God. I went from Duomo to castles to street shops to Centrale again and Novatar all day. Novatar is on the outskirts of Milano and we went by public train. I got to see an Italian home and neighbourhood. To an outsider, it might seem like i was out of my mind but as a traveller, you’d see it from my angle and understand.

I saw the look on his face when i took the last bus to the airport for my morning flight to Bratislava. My gut feeling has led me through good decisions thus far and i hope it goes on that way because sometime you dont have all the time in the world to make your decision.


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