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normal yet different

8 May

I cant believe that i contemplated over an issue for so long. And it is just a simple thing, yet it felt so difficult.

Today, i irritated myself with my fickle-mindedness. I irritated my dear friend as well 🙂 Sorry yar!

It has been few days but i cant get it over with, dont wanna spoil the perfect picture in my mind. You know when something is perfect, it has no chances of becoming imperfect unless you allow it to. I dont want to do anything to jeopardise the perfection.

But really it was all so normal yet different. Like I think when i was in Dublin, it was normal – nothing special about the place but yet the feeling of walking in the streets on Dublin felt good.

Just like we dont know the outcome of an action unless we actually carry out the action. But at times, we dont want to know the outcome as we are happy with how it is now and the uncertainty makes it all seem as if there is so much to risk.

Uncertainty is killing me.

Not knowing is killing me.

My mind is the lethal weapon which will succeed in the deed of killing me.

p.s. OMG i have made it all sound so serious…it could be…