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i wish upon a wishing well…

12 May

Scary when i wished for something, and God practically lays it right in front of me.

Why scary, you might wonder?

Well, i usually start thinking one day, i wont get what i ask for.

You know like the genie in Aladdin could only provide three wishes and you are making use of those free wishes, till one day,  you have no more wishes. 😦 I am sure God Almighty is much more greater than that and He is grants wishes as he wishes.

So go ahead and ask, and if you are sincere enough – If God wills, you will get it 🙂


Hope it works when i try it now….*parvin wishes hard for something to happen*

Still wishing…not happened yet…sometimes, God knows what is best and maybe He is saving something better for me. Or maybe it is a sign? I am back to square one, thinking too much. 😉

tsk tsk tsk