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memories of ateam

15 May
Im feeling miserable again! Argh!!!

Well, i decided to blog about something which made me smile – i just happened to come across NYP Ateam blog, havent done that since eons ago and guess what, there is a picture which includes me!

Actually iy is more of a poster :) Which is cooler by the way...
Actually it is more of a poster 🙂 Which is cooler by the way…

 It was taken during one of the graduation duties i did…together with most of the ambassadores, was a major duty. I think i know why they chose one with me.

If you notice, there are girls and guys in the picture, a fair share. AND, I represent the girls with tudung here to make the new tudung ambassadors feel more welcome, perhaps.

Somehow, the picture does look kind of nice as well 🙂

this is the original...