wrong message, no help either

16 May

All the mighty brain is telling me to do is SLEEP!

After quite a nice and expensive lunch, the body is taking instructions from the brain to use up the food for energy but then where is all the energy going then? Wrong channel? Instead storing the carbohydrates as fats and fats and fats, im crapping. It is the food, not me. Brain down already. 

Ooops! My brain is sending the wrong message! If you must know, i should be studying for the 9am exam tomorro which i forgot about till like 2pm just now. Cant concentrate, my brain is drawing me to my bed. Only im not where my bed is, is that fortunate for me then? I am forced to study…boo hoo 😦


Of late, if you’d noticed –  i use alot of smileys in my post. Wanna know why? I wont let the cat out of the bag though.

You know, when u have a few good friends whom you can depend on – when one is busy, at least you have an alternative. Unfortunately for me, when one is busy, the other is busy as well. Its not a love triangle! Never have been! But well, dont wish to elaborate 🙂


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