27 May

Just when i was complaining about the monotony of my life, instead of being thankful of what God has showered me with, *BAM*!!!

Life had to stop for a while, may be longer if He wishes.

Expect the unexpected

Life has one unexpected turn after another; sometimes there is no traffic light to warn you of the change.  Wait, watch and endure. Yesterday’s graduation speech did have some impact –

ACE; Aspiration, Continual Learning, Endurance.

Endurance now has a different meaning to me.


I wanted to keep the tag which was on my wrist for 4 days to remind me of

the sacrifices,

the burden,

the pain,

the tears,

the people who showed love when i needed them the most,

the person who didnt let go of my hand through it all,

the One who was watching me on trial to see how i performed and whether or not i muhasabah (think back and regret and taubat)

All these thinking is necessary. For He wanted to show me that He had the power to take everything away from me anytime and no one guranteed me a tomorrow.



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