Oh God, Im beat!

29 May

When i used to exert myself in the past, it is just fatigue i feel at the end of the day. But now…hmm must be the effect of ageing.

Im glad to be still blessed. 🙂

The night was good – had a nice conversation.

The next morning proved to be good too.

p.s adilah, sorry a million times. I know no excuse 🙂 😦 see im in between…

First part of the day – was a breeze! *more well-behaved kids

In between the 1st part and second part – i was walking to a class which was having god knows what lesson which turned out to be conversational Malay which i had to sit in and watch in the dark! Argh i swear i would fall asleep if it was a millisecond longer. Back to the part when i was walking….


Firstly must explain my situation…i was groggy! I was am still very blur and weak so dragging my feet to meet this class which i remember to be quite a handful, really.

The same person, maybe i should give him a name, Mr Muscle! haha so this Mr Muscle walked in the opposite direction and he gave me a bright bright smile and said, ” Selamat Pagi Cikgu” and what did super blur sotong me do? Smile widely without replying like some idiot!

I always do things like that! And then regret 😦

You know i actually wished i would meet him again so that i can apologise for my rude behavior and reply his good morning. AND THEN he walked past me again and smiled widely and i said Hello softly as he gave a small wave.

Wait wait, there is more – he walked past my table with his food in one hand, turned his head, looked and smiled again as i smiled of course(that is like the only thing i can manage!). I think i should change his name to Mr Smiley.

Disclaimer: Please dont get me wrong, teachers always smile and acknowledge one another and he is not the only one but i just happen to bump into him a lil too often.

I went to the canteen for some food and ohh the sweet little kids were saying Hi/Hello/Cikgu Parvin to me and calling my name like i was some kind of Superstar/superhero maybe? See what the kids can do to you? haha well that was like the end of my good smiling day ….

The second part of the day

as i scowled the rest of the day – what with the fire drill and standing under the sun with the non-stop-chatterboxes and the lesson which followed.

I felt all my energy sucked out from already weak me, literally! I swayed as i walked till i gently lie on the desk and allowed my pounding head to rest.


Much to ponder, when im feeling better of course or my head might just burst.

I conclude; school can be like heaven and hell, metaphorically speaking of course.


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