im sailing at sea

30 May

 How shall i describe what is happening…*thinks hard*

I was invited to board a sail-boat. What was a joyous and smooth start made me look far ahead into the dark waters, the end, i will never know. As we sailed on, a few unavoidable rocky waves, a turbulance did the job of making the sail stable once again. The captain knew i was about to jump off-board when the uncertainty of the vast sea was too much for me to take. And now the boat is sailing amidst calm waters…uncertainty is what makes life exciting, no?

Thus the certainty of life is like being in the vast open sea on a sail boat…what awaits – a storm, calm waters one will never know.  


What i hear, saddens me and worries me greatly.

Someone asked me, if your husband tells you not to wear hijab – but you want to, is it right then not to wear? Now…*takes a deep breath* i was all defensive but then i reminded myself to not allow my opinion to affect my answer. Logically, perintah Tuhan (verse from the quran) should have a higher regard compared to whatever else, no?

Argh i dont even want to think about it! If like that i dont want to marry such a husband man! This goes to show that you should marry someone who has the same religious level/grounding as you. Otherwise…subahanallah.

So must think very very carefully and choose…like choosing fish! haha

Do’akan untuk suami2 macam gitu untuk bukakan hati mereka dan senang menerima rahmah dari tuhan…Ameen.

~God knows what is best~


One Response to “im sailing at sea”

  1. ad June 3, 2009 at 3:31 am #

    Updates la & stop sailing.

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