problem solving for dummies (a specific dummy)

30 May

Hurdle after hurdle.

Time will tell.

Life is never without problems – it is how you choose to deal with the problems. When i feel like my head will burst because the mountain of trouble is beginning to bring me down, i untangle the webbed thoughts and set it out in front of me.

Step 1: After listing it down, i think of how each of the problems can be solved and i chuck all the uncessary worries at the back of my head. The prominently irritating one will be dealt with.

For example,

Problem: My mum cant accept my boyfriend ( serious enough to go to next stage*)

Measures to take: No point talking to my mum. Seriously you are not the only one with a difficult mum. EVERY mother is difficult, trust me!

I have got to do something not sit around and count the sheeps!

  • I tell my parents that we go out for lunch or dinner, just me and parents (no useless siblings tagging along, unless they are supportive, you dont want too many cooks spoiling the broth now, do you?).
  • I prepare a speech – make sure I have their full attention! ****(over desert maybe)
  • To the point – i like him and he likes me.
  • List down all the worries they have about your alien(to them) Indian boyfriend
    • People have problems with the indian husband because they are stupid! urm, i have never heard of problemless marriages?
    • You know, mum, you married an Indian too – are you trying to tell me dad is no good? (indian still indian – pekat or celup)
    • Whatever you are afraid of, I assure you that I believe my bf is different. I have known him a long time and if you know him how i know him, you’d say i chose a good man. I look at his heart, mother not his race – for even the prophet encouraged intercultural marriage.
    • And mother, I am one of the thousands of ‘Malay’ girls marrying Indian. (No biggie!)
    • Look around you and you’ll see the millions of people who married someone from across the world where culture actually clash and they live for years together.
    • The Malay race is not a tad superior to the Indian race nor any other race. God made us all the same…

That is all i can manage for now 🙂 the rest my dear friend, please add on and utilise this.


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