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Tale of bus from Mostar V

30 Jun

At 5.45pm

Parvin ran towards the ticket office.

Her tale: If you’d give me a chance, i never want to feel the way i felt at that moment.

The lady at the counter just asked me where i wanted to go and she didnt have proper change for Euro and that was all i had! I asked her if the bus has left and she just said platform 7 and that she didnt know. Asked me to wait for the bus outside. So helpless!!! I felt like sitting there and cry!

I stood there in the dark (it was night time by 5pm).

I asked one of the guys whether he knew of the bus for Split left. But he didnt know and said the one there was going somewhere else. I went towards a couple of teenage girls who kept stealing glance at me, actually alot of people do that to me wherever i went. I decided to ask them and they gave me reassurance that bus from Sarajevo will usually arrive at 6pm. That pff* lady who sold me the ticket could have told me that!!!

The headlights of a big bus with the tag , “Sarajevo” on it and imagine my relief! I boarded the bus like a happy child…

Before the bus left Mostar bus station, i almost forgot a postcard i got for Nisa from Sarajevo and i already got the stamp on it but just didnt have the time to post it so I ran down the bus and asked a group of teenage girls to help me post it. They couldn’t understand me so i hand-signaled like crazy! and i had to leave even though i wasnt confident they knew what i was talking about.

FYI: the post card reached Nisa after a month. 🙂



29 Jun

Mum got me thinking and worrying….i get worried so easily…

Dont like to disappoint my parents and want their blessings in everything i do…

Advised by mum, bro, dad….huhuhu!

What is right, what is not…

Where do i see myself in the future? i dont know…its the easiest thing to say now…

Happy as i am…

Tale of bus from Mostar IV

29 Jun

At 5.30pm

Parvin reached the carpark of her hostel as she decided what to do.

I contemplated if i should ask a guy who looked like he was waiting for someone…i walked towards the exit of the carpark and looked at my watch which showed 5.35pm.

I backtracked and went ahead to ask him if he could drop me at the bus station which goes to Split, Croatia. ” sure, i am waiting for my brother and when he comes we can go there (with a smile)” He even came out and opened the back door for me to hop in.

His brother came 5 seconds later and off  we went. They didnt ask me any question, just where i was going. Dropped me safely at the bus depot which looked empty. I exclaimed my gratitude repeatedly before i ran for the ticket office to satisfy my burning deisre to know if the bus has left me.


Tale of bus from Mostar III

28 Jun

At 5.20pm

Parvin reached her hostel and struggled with the keys as she burst through the door and rushed to grab all of her belongings and breezed past the front door.

Her tale: But God looked after me so well, i reached my hostel at 5.20pm. (I cant possibly reach the bus station in 10 minutes!) I was going to walk because i didnt know the number to call a cab. And chances of getting lost yet again was unavoidable, unfortunately.

The Romanian guy i met, told us of his own experience road-tripping from country to country…hitch-hiking! And how he ‘communicated’ with the people to send the message across using hand language (not sign language!)

I have never hitch-hiked in my life, all alone. But the situation i was in warrant for it.  I plucked up enough courage, not that hard to do when my mind was on the critical fact of missing the last bus out to Croatia and a plane the very next morning from there. I asked a couple of ladies in a car in the carpark of my hostel. They looked like i was about to rob them! Argh…i was so in need of help and they brush me off like an insect!


for our parents

27 Jun

Dato’ Dr. Fazilah Kamsah pernah berkata,

“Setiap pagi sedekahkan al-fatihah kepada kedua ibu bapamu ( tak kira  masih hidup @ telah tiada) “. Nescaya pintu rezekimu akan terbuka buat kamu.

Translation: “Every morning, offer Al-Fatihah to our parents (whether we still have them or not)” Insyallah…you’d be blessed with rezeki (wealth).

Berdasarkan Hadith Nabi :
“Tidak akan terputus rezeki seseorang selagi dia tidak meninggalkan doa kepada kedua orang tuanya dalam sehari”

Huraian hadith:

Jangan sesekali meninggalkan doa kepada kedua ibubapa (baik yang hidup mahupun yang sudah tiada )
Allah akan memurahkan rezeki kepada mereka yang tidak putus berdoa kepada kedua ibu bapa (walaupun ada ibu bapa yang leka, doakan
agar mereka berubah)  Ingatlah bahawa keredhaan ibu bapa adalah keredhaan Allah Semasa berdoa, berdoalah dengan bersungguh2.tadah tangan dan
bayangkan wajah kedua orang tua kita, termasuk guru2kita dan mereka yang banyak menolong kita (berdoa perlu benar2 bersungguh2)
Mereka yang lupa berdoa kepada kedua orang tua, akan disempitkan rezeki oleh Allah

Translation: Dont ever forget to do’a for your parents. Allah will bless you with wealth and prosperity. We should do’a for our parents who are righteous or not…for their well-being or so that they would improve. Remember that the acceptance/blessings of our parents is acceptance/blessings of Allah. You must ask with your heart full of determination.

Kesimpulannya :

Bagi yang berniaga, tak perlu ada ilmu pelaris….Cuma jangan lupa doakan ibu bapa kita setiap hari Rezeki bukan sahaja berupa wang ringgit, tetapi segala nikmat yang kita dapat dari Allah (e.g. makan, kesihatan, kasih sayang, ilmu dsbnya..)



Familiarity waved over me

19 Jun

I mentioned this quite a number of times over the last few days. My worries were not unfounded. This is a very very important part of any relationship; even between parents and children. Time spent together.

I wished to share what i read about this issue but unfortunately it is found in the URBAN section of The Straits Times which has no soft copy.

I shall then include some captivating parts of the article(s).

Keeping the Flame Alive

by Tee Hun Ching (Editor)

1. It started with the editor of URBAN tracking the daily activities of a fresh PAP candidate for a week and she noticed that the couple had a weekly date night where they would check out the latest eatery or catch a movie. (This couple has a little son)

2. The editor thought it was sweet but couples do far more romantic things.

3. At one point, I found myself confiding more in my friends at work over our regular lunches than in my husband. We shared a hurried dinenr on most nights before it’s time to out our kid to bed, a daily ritual that takes up at least half an hour.

We might sit in companionable silence in front of the TV for another half an hour after that before collapsing into bed, exhausted.

Then, about half a year ago, we decided that something had to be done before domestic drudgery sucked the life out of our marriage.

Every Saturday, we make it a point to at least catch up over coffee, the leaving the kid at home with our reliable helper for the afternoon. We swop work woes, gossip or trivial nuggets and decompress over those 2 precious hours.


Ironically, experts say it is the equal balance of power in modern marriages that has led to weaker emotional ties. While men used to be the breadwinner and women the homemaker, there is little division of labour these days as roles blur, which reduces a couple’s need for each other.

If they dont make the effort to carve out time for each other, interaction quickly degrades from emotional to the merely practical.

I like this concluding statement:

After all, if even Barack Obama, the world’s de facto leader, can make time for his spouse, what excuse do the rest of us have?


Carry On courting

You may be married but Imran Jalal says  you should never stop dating – your wife that is.

Again they spoke of the US president

If United States President Barack Obama can find the time to woo his wife, then Singaporean men are saying: Yes we can, too. Many a wife have cooed pver the recent New York Times report about how the world’s most powerful man still manages to set aside “Michelle time”.

What made women really envious, though, was the couple’s date night – the President flew First Lady Michelle Obama to a Broadway show.


Urban found out that when it comes to date nights, Singapore ahs its share of doting hubbies too. A quick poll of 35 men aged 29 and 60 who have been married for at least 5 years found that many, like the Commander-in-chief Obama, manage to command a night out with the missus.


Some husbands Urban spoke to pointed out that it can be hard to set aside the time when there are children clamouring for presious moments with you.

” We want to spend more time with them before they start to drift away from us”.


Dates dont just happen. Couples need to be committed to spending some time alone together on a regular basis. ~ Anita Fam, Marriage Central Advisory Board.


Some celebs shared their idea of the perfect date with their spouses;

  • weekly dates are spent in their Hyundai Tuscon at car parkss in East Coast Park and Changi beach Park watching action flicks or rom-coms on their portable DVD player. They even have a favourite anthem.
  • when you have someone great to talk to, good food and a nice ambience just to add to the already fantastic experience. Conversation is the driving force in our relationship because you can get to know someon only if you talk and listen to her.
  • another said they were going for a short getaway to Tioman Islands and a simple candlelight dinner would do fine for the wife.

Singaporean Identity

19 Jun

The last i went back to school, i was awed by the pool-side style seating available for patrons of Gloria Jeans Coffees.

These changes i notice in school made me realise how fast things are changing and me, stuck in the past. Dont take the last part too seriously because i am in no way stuck in the almost uneventful past besides 2007 (the most happening year) because i like enjoy what is happening now, you wou’t be able to imagine how much 🙂 I irritate my friend by saying I am so happy i could burst! ( i wonder if i got that sentence from someone, im a copycat!)

Digressing so much, from changes to copycats…tsk tsk tsk!

Worse than the school incident where the changes didnt make me get lost, when i was at Bishan MRT station. I used to frequent this place quite often but the last time i went there, i didnt know where to take the train back home! It was that bad. Exitting the station was easy, entering and making sure it is the correct line and correct direction is another thing. I can always blame the situation i was in, a new one which explains the blurrness.

What sparked off this entry?

I went ouhhh! i should blog about this and ahhh…this would be interesting to blog about whenever i read the papers. And this time its is a Singaporean who got lost, being back after 2 years only and Singapore changed so much, more specifically Orchard area. Shh…i think i might get lost in Orchard are myself if im not with friends, poor at directions I am. I didnt know there was Orchard Turn, Orhard what-nots…What is interesting about these changes is that so much changed – the buildings, the places but the food places didnt go anywhere.

“That’s because we Singaporeans get our identity from food, not buildings,” my friend replied. “You can raze our monuments, cut down our trees and we won’t say a thing, but move our favourite loh mee place three stalls away from its usual location and we will turn it into a national issue and make TV shows about it.”

TODAY: Somethings Don’t Change, June 19 ’09

Snippets of what she felt

Everywhere I went, I was whipping my head round and muttering: “Argh, they got rid of that building” or “Oooh, so that’s the KPE” so fast I’m amazed I didn’t get whiplash. It reminded me of the time I met this bewildered tourist at the void deck of my HDB block. The poor guy was staring at the public phone in despair.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“This phone card. I bought it when I was here two years ago and now it doesn’t work.”

I looked at the card. “It’s the wrong kind. This is the old magnetic card, you’ve got to buy another one with a chip in it.”

He shook his head. “Singapore changes so fast I can’t keep up with it.”

Walking down Orchard Road, I knew how he felt. Only a few months and the stores had changed, roads had been realigned and bus stops removed.

Singapore has changed and I haven’t been around to see it.

Every time I thought about it, it made me sad.

What did i miss most about Singapore in the almost 5 months overseas?

Let us not include human relationships here. It is what most can guess, FOOD!

mum getting too old?

18 Jun

What happened between mum and bro;

Brother: my flight reaches Singapore at OO 3O

Mum: O3 OO then we will be there at O2OO

Brother: ok

( bro only realised when he repeated the timing to mum and she made the same mistake)


Brother: The f_____ was open when i came back

Mum: Must be Parvin who left it open…(she heard the fish was open)

She cooked fish and she thought the pot containing fish was open.

Mum: Parvin, you didnt close the fish after you ate at 11.30am!

Me: Huh? I only at later and brother wasnt home.

Bro: I said the fridge wasnt closed.

We all broke into laughter…the confusion between fish and fridge!

Proudly brought to you by the “Speak good English campaign”


18 Jun


The place was nice…carefully picked out by him.


Nasi campur …i couldnt finish it though…:)

Ubud Restaurant was where we had a nice meal. Very suitable place to have a chat and no one disturbed us 🙂

I wont share anymore photos 😉

There is one more where adilah said i looked radiant, like i was pregnant hehe (the pregnant part i added for fun)

p.s. the desert was goreng pisang with vanilla ice cream…delicious but unfortunately was too full to have more of them.

Silence was comfortable, conversation was like the beautiful turquoise Neretva river flowing ever so smoothly.

Tale of Bus from Mostar II

18 Jun

At 4.30pm

Parvin excused herself so unwillingly from the people she has grown so comfortably with…and walked confidently towards her hostel.

Her tale: I left the restaurant at 4.45pm confident that i would find my way back, i always do.  I left the old, familiar cobbled stones to walk by the road because i thought i was walking in the correct direction. At some point of time, i felt i was right and then it struck me that i might be walking further away from my apartment which might cause me to miss the 5.30pm bus.

There was no one in sight, i couldnt find the number to call for a taxi (i threw it in my huge bag and couldnt find it when i needed it most!). I searched frantically for someone to ask for directions and the first man i saw, could not help as he didnt know where i was going. Blame language barrier! I was afraid i was on the wrong side; the city was divided into 2 – the Bosniaks and Croats along the Neretva river (beautiful turqoise river!)

Time was ticking. Getting lost was the worst thing that could happen to me, travelling all alone! (serve me right) With quite a useless, self-drawn map…chances of finding my way was very slim.