3 Jun

Mortifyingly…there is nothing i want to blog about!

Except the boring fact that Ayan songs are like stuck in my head! Reminds me of urm…(not saying). Totally unrelated but i kind of have some weird way of thinking. Like a song reminds me of Bosnia because while doing my research for Bosnia, that song was on playback mode.

Some song reminds me of certain people…because i was thinking about the person while i heard the song and liked it for the first time i listen to it! (i seldom like a song after listening to it for the first time)

*turns out i have something i could actually share*

p.s. i was out at sea…sailing remember? dont mind the infrequent posts…

weird fact: Im experiencing something urm…simultaneously as my dear friend is experiencing a very important phase in her life. God is the best of all planners!


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