an all girls prom?

12 Jun

U cant say i dont update my blog…because i do so privately 🙂

Things are getting more urm…private?


I hear of many going overseas but i dont really feel the urge to do so except maybe somewhere nearby. For now, i shall stay put.

On the hijab:

I wonder what people’s perspective on those who wear it here…

The fuss over it, rather unnecessary really because those who want to wear it would already have done so because we all know whether or not to wear it but well those heated arguements i read about them might change some stubborn mind…i particularly enjot reading the comments, some are very spiteful!

There are 2oo over comments for this article about an ALL GIRLS PROM night in a Canadian high school for muslim girls. It is a short article (acc. to my standards anyway)

Last night, the 17-year-old honours student, yearbook editor and future engineer, arrived at her prom, concealed by a shapeless tunic, her stylish upswept hair forming a bump under her head scarf. Until, that is, she passed through the closed doors of the banquet hall in Mississauga, Ont., and, under a ceiling of blue and gold balloons, revealed an elegant teenager in a sparkling, black evening gown – the beginning of a night she had imagined since Grade 8.

Continue here…


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