Tale of bus from Mostar I

17 Jun

I think i can write about what i enjoy most even if i have no inspiration to blog about anything else.

And this is especially for dear, dear Adilah.


I have talked enough about Bosnia I know but i think it’ll never be enough for me. I remember mentioning that I am extremely biased toward Bosnia for God-know-what-reason. Everything about the trip there was puurfect! (with a french accent?)

Made acquintances with many people from all walks of life and how comfortable we were with one another is unexplainable.  In Sarajevo and Mostar especially i met stranger-turned-friends from before i entered till i left Bosnian land, made it so extremely special.

I had a night and half a day in quiet, beautiful Mostar before i had to leave for Split, Croatia. I narrated how i met this big group of people and how we just clicked so well and i went around with them, had cevapi before i bid goodbye to my dear, temporary companions heart filled with grief.

This time, unlike all other times, i was running extremely late. There was no one else to depend on if i missed my flight- there goes all my long, carefully thought of plans and bookings…money will fly away just like that.

Situation: Parvin has to catch her 5.30pm bus to Split, Croatia or the next one would be at 11am the next day. (FYI, it is a 5 hour journey)

At 4.00pm

Parvin just arrived at the bus station with her new friends from beautiful Blagaj. They decided to bid farewell to a fellow travelling companion who was on her way to Dubrovnik, a popular tourist destination in Croatia. Afterwhich, being in Bosnia warrants for having cevapi again. Parvin misses meat so much after being in Europe for quite sometime and surviving mostly on bread on her journey in Eastern europe so she couldnt not have cevapi before leaving Bosnia for good, can she? 

Thoughts of Parvin: It wouldnt kill to have a few bites before i have to rush for the bus 🙂



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