mum getting too old?

18 Jun

What happened between mum and bro;

Brother: my flight reaches Singapore at OO 3O

Mum: O3 OO then we will be there at O2OO

Brother: ok

( bro only realised when he repeated the timing to mum and she made the same mistake)


Brother: The f_____ was open when i came back

Mum: Must be Parvin who left it open…(she heard the fish was open)

She cooked fish and she thought the pot containing fish was open.

Mum: Parvin, you didnt close the fish after you ate at 11.30am!

Me: Huh? I only at later and brother wasnt home.

Bro: I said the fridge wasnt closed.

We all broke into laughter…the confusion between fish and fridge!

Proudly brought to you by the “Speak good English campaign”

One Response to “mum getting too old?”

  1. ad June 18, 2009 at 7:43 am #

    haha tats funny..make me smile like an idiot infront of the comp 🙂

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