Singaporean Identity

19 Jun

The last i went back to school, i was awed by the pool-side style seating available for patrons of Gloria Jeans Coffees.

These changes i notice in school made me realise how fast things are changing and me, stuck in the past. Dont take the last part too seriously because i am in no way stuck in the almost uneventful past besides 2007 (the most happening year) because i like enjoy what is happening now, you wou’t be able to imagine how much 🙂 I irritate my friend by saying I am so happy i could burst! ( i wonder if i got that sentence from someone, im a copycat!)

Digressing so much, from changes to copycats…tsk tsk tsk!

Worse than the school incident where the changes didnt make me get lost, when i was at Bishan MRT station. I used to frequent this place quite often but the last time i went there, i didnt know where to take the train back home! It was that bad. Exitting the station was easy, entering and making sure it is the correct line and correct direction is another thing. I can always blame the situation i was in, a new one which explains the blurrness.

What sparked off this entry?

I went ouhhh! i should blog about this and ahhh…this would be interesting to blog about whenever i read the papers. And this time its is a Singaporean who got lost, being back after 2 years only and Singapore changed so much, more specifically Orchard area. Shh…i think i might get lost in Orchard are myself if im not with friends, poor at directions I am. I didnt know there was Orchard Turn, Orhard what-nots…What is interesting about these changes is that so much changed – the buildings, the places but the food places didnt go anywhere.

“That’s because we Singaporeans get our identity from food, not buildings,” my friend replied. “You can raze our monuments, cut down our trees and we won’t say a thing, but move our favourite loh mee place three stalls away from its usual location and we will turn it into a national issue and make TV shows about it.”

TODAY: Somethings Don’t Change, June 19 ’09

Snippets of what she felt

Everywhere I went, I was whipping my head round and muttering: “Argh, they got rid of that building” or “Oooh, so that’s the KPE” so fast I’m amazed I didn’t get whiplash. It reminded me of the time I met this bewildered tourist at the void deck of my HDB block. The poor guy was staring at the public phone in despair.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“This phone card. I bought it when I was here two years ago and now it doesn’t work.”

I looked at the card. “It’s the wrong kind. This is the old magnetic card, you’ve got to buy another one with a chip in it.”

He shook his head. “Singapore changes so fast I can’t keep up with it.”

Walking down Orchard Road, I knew how he felt. Only a few months and the stores had changed, roads had been realigned and bus stops removed.

Singapore has changed and I haven’t been around to see it.

Every time I thought about it, it made me sad.

What did i miss most about Singapore in the almost 5 months overseas?

Let us not include human relationships here. It is what most can guess, FOOD!


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