Tale of bus from Mostar V

30 Jun

At 5.45pm

Parvin ran towards the ticket office.

Her tale: If you’d give me a chance, i never want to feel the way i felt at that moment.

The lady at the counter just asked me where i wanted to go and she didnt have proper change for Euro and that was all i had! I asked her if the bus has left and she just said platform 7 and that she didnt know. Asked me to wait for the bus outside. So helpless!!! I felt like sitting there and cry!

I stood there in the dark (it was night time by 5pm).

I asked one of the guys whether he knew of the bus for Split left. But he didnt know and said the one there was going somewhere else. I went towards a couple of teenage girls who kept stealing glance at me, actually alot of people do that to me wherever i went. I decided to ask them and they gave me reassurance that bus from Sarajevo will usually arrive at 6pm. That pff* lady who sold me the ticket could have told me that!!!

The headlights of a big bus with the tag , “Sarajevo” on it and imagine my relief! I boarded the bus like a happy child…

Before the bus left Mostar bus station, i almost forgot a postcard i got for Nisa from Sarajevo and i already got the stamp on it but just didnt have the time to post it so I ran down the bus and asked a group of teenage girls to help me post it. They couldn’t understand me so i hand-signaled like crazy! and i had to leave even though i wasnt confident they knew what i was talking about.

FYI: the post card reached Nisa after a month. 🙂


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