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30 Jul


We planned to have one of each that was offered on KFC breakfast menu ( we must have been starving when we came up with that idea).

We reverted to the normal thing to do by ordering a meal each 🙂 quite a filling meal but i was hungry soon after…haha! typical me 😉



Breakfast was good 🙂

Off to school we went…

It was particularly nice to walk in school with him. Maybe its my ‘first’ time in school and not his that is why i felt that way. School is also nearer to home then i imagined.

Lots of freebies of which a small 500ml ORANGE bottle, notepads, lots of paper actually – TMI. I must have linked everything together like the webcast as well which is super tmi…fear of doing something wrong

Now i cant say i dont want to think about school already. (small sigh) I better stop sighing! (note to self)

You make me so happy 🙂 🙂 🙂


debatable issue :dating

28 Jul

Heated arguement? (tsk tsk tsk) They wanted to drive me to think faster…

Havent put much thought into this actually (im lying!!!)

so i’ll just leave u guys to do the arguing and sharing of thoughts…doing a great job already 🙂

I am trying not to allow my thoughts to be biased towards the situation im in now. Dating is still not acceptable. (very very strict point of view)
People can go on and on about how it is because…

  1. you are going to spend the rest of your lives with this person so dating for a few years is harmless. (boO!)
  2. dating allows you to see the many different faces of the person

I have no idea really, there are probably loads of more reasonable reason. I think it is mainly to have lots of fun, no string attached. That is of course besides the purpose of seriously getting to know one another for marriage. You got to agree with me it is mainly fun (if you get to do stuff together, by that i mean play games, watch movie)

It is different when you are married and do stuff together, more fun when you are not married ~ a friend of mine

Playing near the fire, exciting to be able to do stuff ~ dont want to say who said this

Both have kind of the same point, people dont feel the same when they are married already, right? For instance, a mummy and daddy going to watch movie isnt the same as when they were dating.

I dont disagree that one normally want to show their good side to their partner; being nice all the time, dressing up, giving in etc. But according to *A, her boyfriend says things she does not want to hear and they are not married yet. It is because you guys know that no matter what, the feelings wont change. Because honeymoon period is over! Since you are so sure already, what is stopping you from going to the next step?

dating is not wrong as long as the motive is to get to know the other one better, i encourage u to date so u cn see if he is the one for u, like hw i knw tat *** is for me. it can show u how real the person is in different kind of situation, when he is happy, angry or excited. U’ll gt to know how they handle the situation. & from there u cn see if he is the right one for u….~ *A

It is true that one must get to know someone and it is through dating that it can happen. However, i think dating for 4 to 5 years is not necessary to get to know a person enough to decide if they should get married. You probably know after some time ( shall not say the duration) already. See, people who have been married for 25 years can still be discovering more things about one another. Marriage needs work. Despite dating for 7 years, someone i know could not get along with his wife and asked for a divorce after 2 years. Thus, the 7 years of dating meant they didnt learn enough about one another? This is probably not the only case.

Dating does not gurantee a lifetime long marriage, nor does not dating.

Why then think about it? Because it leads to some not very inappropriate actions. Temptations.


So.. dating wont help you a lot if you want to know what a person will be like as a future spouse. For that, you have to cohabitate. HEHEHE. ~*I

Cohabitation is still not the same, no? It still has the no strings attached rule so it means walking out is still an easy option unlike divorce. I think people would try hard to work on a marriage then on a relationship.

Oh dear! My thoughts are so so tangled so i shouldnt be blogging because im not thinking straight. Maybe i will tidy up this post when im more clear in the head.


27 Jul

I felt like slapping the kids today! So rude! No respect! Kids are not afraid of threats or teachers anymore. Sigh…

Being extremely sleepy alone was not enough, the kids had to add on to the slight headache which was affecting me badly.

Primary 4 and they already have a terrible temper! I have to break up one fight after another and one of the kids actually acted out really scary. Like he was possesed, it took a long time for him to cool down and his friend(whom he fought with before this fight) was holding him from hitting another guy.

Face all red, angry tears streaming down his baby face- i wonder when he changed from that cute, respectful boy to this. He was fighting hard against his friend, good thing he was small sized easier to stop him from fighting.

Some fighting here, others asking to go toilet and drink water…some creating other problems.


25 Jul

What do i think of dating?

I closed my eyes and thought hard. Nothing. Mind’s a blank. Will be back when it is filled with something worth writing on.

weight issues?

25 Jul

I weighed myself at the doctors! guess how heavy i am? i was acutally lighter by like 1.5kg 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hahaha! (overexcited)

Assumption: the weighing scale was accurate.

Protected: simply beautiful…

24 Jul

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the future is bleak

15 Jul

Got this from a blog a follow…

Where do you see yourself in 7 years time?

The imaginary version is your ideal situation and the reality one is where you would be in reality, duh.

 I dont like to think so far into the future. It is not because i dont have an active imagination like what im perceived to be. Reality is hard enough, imagining wonderful fantasies might mean being disappointed with the hard truth which one will be faced with. When i start imagining, i try to stop myself short…if I want it to happen.

I dont even want to imagine a reality version even if it is most likely to happen. Life is full of unexpected turns, things happen when i least expect it to during the worst possible situations!

In my mind, imagination=disappointment

Someone dear to me said, predicting the future is like peering through fog sometimes. I cant see our future, i can just hope and pray.

I want things to be new and unpredictable when things happen, at the right time. Insyallah.

wanita solehah

15 Jul

Wanita solehah itu aurat dijaga,
Pergaulan dipagari,
Sifat malu pengikat diri,
Seindah hiasan di dunia ini. Keayuan wanita solehah itu,
tidak terletak pada kecantikan wajahnya ,
Kemanisan wanita solehah ,
tidak terletak pada kemanjaannya,
Daya penarik wanita solehah itu ,
Bukan pada kemanisan bicaranya yang mengoncang iman para muslimin,
Dan bukan pula terletak pada kebijaksanaannya bermain lidah, memujuk rayu ,

Bukan dan tidak sama sekali,
Kepetahan wanita solehah ,
Bukan pada barang kemas atau perihal orang lain,
Tapi pada perjuangannya meningkatkan martabat agama.

Nafsu mengatakan wanita cantik dengan paras rupa yang indah bak permata yang menyeri alam,
Akal mengatakan wanita cantik atas kemajuan dan kekebalannya dalam ilmu serta pandai dari segala aspek ,
Hati menyatakan kecantikan wanita hanya pada akhlaknya,
Itupun seandainya hati itu bersih untuk menilai.

Wahai wanita jangan dibangga dengan kecantikan luaran ,
kerana satu hari nanti ianya akan lapuk di telan zaman,
Tetapi jaga dan peliharalah kecantikan dalaman ,
Agar diri ini bersih dan sentiasa mendapat Rahmat ilahi,

Wahai wanita jangan berbangga dengan ilmu duniawi yang kau kuasai ,
kerana ada lagi manusia yang lebih berpegetahuan darimu ,
Wahai wanita jangan pula berdukacita atas kekurangan dirimu,
kerana ada lagi insan yang lebih malang darimu ,
Wahai wanita solehah jangan dirisau akan jodohmu,
Kerana muslimin yang bijaksana itu tidak akan terpaut pada wanita hanya kerana kecantikannya ,
Bersyukurlah diatas apa yang ada .
Serta berusaha demi keluarga ,bangsa dan agama.Salam perjuangan untuk sahabatku ,
Wanita solehah.

“Wanita hiasan dunia ,Seindah hiasan adalah wanita solehah”

simple dinner!

13 Jul

My family is very used to last minute dinners, outings etc…was only at 7.30 that mum said we’re going to have dinner. We had guest; auntie and family.

Boon Keng was destination for our supperish dinner…was fun…sharing of food was nice. Not many people have that i think, good thing is we get to try more than one dish – like yesterday, i ate around 5 dishes including my main dish 🙂


Very close cousin, despite the physical distance…she had interesting comments about how compatible I am with him.

very last minute movie plan

13 Jul


We’re lucky really…3 of a our few dates were planned by someone else.

SIL: U wanna go watch movie? Ice age 3 – 3d

Me: urm…lazy ah, and im not free now.

SIL: Ok lah after your ….

Me: urm see first lah…wouldnt i be an ‘extra’  with you guys?

Mum: why dont u ask him to go?

Me: ahh? urm dont want lah (shy)

Mum: go and ask….go go…call him ( she made sure i did)

Me: ok, he said yes.

SIL: actually we wanted to ask him but after mum left. hehe

All these happened between 7.45 and 8.20pm. We were out of the house at 8.53pm.