very last minute movie plan

13 Jul


We’re lucky really…3 of a our few dates were planned by someone else.

SIL: U wanna go watch movie? Ice age 3 – 3d

Me: urm…lazy ah, and im not free now.

SIL: Ok lah after your ….

Me: urm see first lah…wouldnt i be an ‘extra’  with you guys?

Mum: why dont u ask him to go?

Me: ahh? urm dont want lah (shy)

Mum: go and ask….go go…call him ( she made sure i did)

Me: ok, he said yes.

SIL: actually we wanted to ask him but after mum left. hehe

All these happened between 7.45 and 8.20pm. We were out of the house at 8.53pm.


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