the future is bleak

15 Jul

Got this from a blog a follow…

Where do you see yourself in 7 years time?

The imaginary version is your ideal situation and the reality one is where you would be in reality, duh.

 I dont like to think so far into the future. It is not because i dont have an active imagination like what im perceived to be. Reality is hard enough, imagining wonderful fantasies might mean being disappointed with the hard truth which one will be faced with. When i start imagining, i try to stop myself short…if I want it to happen.

I dont even want to imagine a reality version even if it is most likely to happen. Life is full of unexpected turns, things happen when i least expect it to during the worst possible situations!

In my mind, imagination=disappointment

Someone dear to me said, predicting the future is like peering through fog sometimes. I cant see our future, i can just hope and pray.

I want things to be new and unpredictable when things happen, at the right time. Insyallah.


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