chance meetings

12 Aug

When i was waiting outside the mosque for him, i met my cousin on my dad’s side. And he gave me a look of surprise, as if being in Orchard was like being in in jail! (im being mean here!)

When i was walking around with him, i saw another cousin. Ack! this time he didnt see me, or so i hope.

Both cousins were immediate cousins, making it even more urm…uncomfortable to be meeting them outside of normal situations.


As i was waiting at the bus stop, i saw a guy who looked very familiar. My mind raced through a few faces and found his identity – a madrasah classmate whom i saw last 5 years ago. His name though i have no idea despite being someone who remembers names well.

A while later, another guy came along but this time i needed no time to think through who he was. A primary schoolmate, my primary schoolmate/friend’s brother and madrasah classmate/schoolmate. I know his name begins with S but nope…no more than that.

Both guys did not show much recognition…and so we just ignored one another!


Last one…

The bus usually turn up not long after i arrive at the bus stop or it has been that way the few times i have been in school but this time, the wait was long. I wasnt in a rush and i missed what i used to do alot, people watching. Waiting waiting waiting and then I saw a distant cousin – second cousin to be exact. It is just weird looking relatives outside, they look different. You see more to them that what you usually get to see.  When you see someone you know but they didnt see you, somehow even that has a thrill in it. 😉


2 Responses to “chance meetings”

  1. Iqbal August 12, 2009 at 1:23 pm #

    Very few chance meetings of relatives for me, directly correlated to how little i go out! Hehehe.

    At uni, during the first week of the semester, I will have many chance meetings of acquaintances. Then suddenly for the rest of the semester i will not meet any. Every semester! Weird, huh?

    Unfortunately, i tend to be the “ignore people” type.. leads people to think i am unfriendly 😦

    • parv~.~ August 13, 2009 at 11:20 pm #

      Maybe it will be like that for me too, dont meet that many people as the semester go by 🙂
      Ah, why ignore people? I kinda like the feeling of knowing many people, can feel like a popular star 😉

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