beware of peeping tom!

15 Aug

It was a quiet weekday in town and we didnt need to elbow our way around, which will explain us being the only 2 people on the escalator besides another lady far ahead of us. While talking to my companion for that day, i casually glanced upwards looking to see how far up before we reached the next level.

I am no peeping Tom but i saw more than i should have been able to see under normal circumstance. If it was a guy, his look would have lingered to take advantage of the situation. (i might be wrong here) Just a few seconds but one would still be able to see under the lady’s skirt. (she was wearing a super short dress.)

What triggered my memory?

 An article in the Straits Times about how Hong Kong political party is going to deal with this problem. There was a study which aimed to identify black aka blind spots in malls mainly.

Peeping Tom can take advantage of the reflective floors, glass railings and glass walled escalators.

The Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB) released the study in response to the sharp increase in people taking indecent photos of women using mobile phones, the South China Morning Post reported.

Ms Quat suggested that the managers of the locations and other similar spots take actions such as laying shielding materials over surfaces that could be an aid to upskirt snappers, reported Hong Kong’s Wen Wei Po.

She also warned women not to assume that wearing knee-length dresses would keep them from being a target since walking next to a glass railing could offer a good enough view to any sharp-eyed snapper below.

~The Straits Times  August15, 2009

What can we do about it? No idea.

A random thought: peeping toms take upskirt photos or from the top as well (i.e. from escalators or a level above and they are looking down)

Very scary thought to know that such people are around…


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