family gathering!

20 Aug


Happy birthday to Naela, 1 year old (the one in yellow),  Sakila (pink), and Sofia(tomboyish girl in red)! Was thinking to myself how this girl would turn out to be. She used to bully her 4 older sisters and despite being amongst sisters, she is starting to be tomboyish. Maybe it is to prevent being bullied(which i doubt is she is) she projects an image of herself that way to be the one in control. A little complicated for the mind of a 7 year old but perhaps it is nature or I am crapping as usual!


I was cutting the cake up into many little pieces to be distributed to everyone. You must see what i mess i made! (lol). This was before the mess i made cutting 3 different cakes- some wanted the ‘ice-cream’ cake, others wanted the one made by my cousin’s wife for her 1 year old daughter…


It felt like Hari Raya! Surely does look it, doesnt it? Notice something, its all ladies! (except for one where my brother looked like he was about to fall).


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